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Download Pouki MP3 by Nu-Bel, the Best of Kompa Music

Pouki Nou Bel MP3 Download: How to Enjoy One of Haiti's Most Popular Songs

If you are looking for a way to enjoy one of Haiti's most popular songs, you might want to consider downloading Pouki Nou Bel MP3. This song is a classic example of Haitian méringue, a musical style that combines African rhythms, European melodies, and Creole lyrics. It is performed by Nu-Bel, a Haitian band that has been active since 2009. In this article, we will tell you more about Pouki Nou Bel, why you should download it as an MP3 file, and how you can do it from various platforms.

pouki nou bel mp3 download


What is Pouki Nou Bel?

Pouki Nou Bel is a song that was released by Nu-Bel in 2014. It is one of their most successful songs, as it has received over 16,000 Shazams, over 580,000 views on YouTube, and over 340,000 plays on SoundCloud. But what does Pouki Nou Bel mean, who is Nu-Bel, and what is the genre of Pouki Nou Bel? Let's find out.

The meaning of Pouki Nou Bel

Pouki Nou Bel is a Creole phrase that means "Why are we beautiful?" or "Why do we look good?". It is a rhetorical question that expresses pride and confidence in one's appearance and identity. The song is a celebration of Haitian beauty and culture, as it praises the features and qualities of Haitian people, such as their skin color, hair texture, clothing style, dance moves, and music taste. The song also encourages Haitians to love themselves and each other, and to resist any negative stereotypes or discrimination that they may face from others. Here are some of the lyrics of Pouki Nou Bel, along with their English translation:



Pouki nou bel konsa?

Why are we so beautiful?

Pouki nou gen koulè sa yo?

Why do we have these colors?

Pouki nou gen cheve sa yo?

Why do we have these hairs?

Pouki nou mete rad sa yo?

Why do we wear these clothes?

Pouki nou danse konsa?

Why do we dance like this?

Pouki nou renmen mizik sa yo?

Why do we love these music?

Nou bel paske nou se ayisyen

We are beautiful because we are Haitian

Nou bel paske nou se yon nasyon

We are beautiful because we are a nation

Nou bel paske nou gen istwa

We are beautiful because we have history

Nou bel paske nou gen kilti

We are beautiful because we have culture


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