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Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

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MaPS Duck Outreach Program

Connecting with First Responders

Talking about mental health is hard. As a first responder, talking about your own mental health can be harder. 

Our Duck Outreach Program is designed to help facilitate these difficult conversations. We wanted to come up with a non-threatening way to show people we cared and give them the opportunity to realize that they aren't alone. 

Sharing these ducks isn't just about spreading a smile with a silly rubber duck, its about making those connections and letting people know we see them.

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Education & Outreach

Shared Connections

In addition to sponsoring the "Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (GRIN)" classes for our Peer Support Team and community partners, we are developing a mentor program that will strengthen bonds between providers and encourage individual growth. Projects like this not only provide additional resources to our fellow first responders, but they also provide another point of human contact that helps prevent people from slipping through the cracks. We don't want anyone to feel like they have to go it alone. 


Community Development

Creating a Sense of Belonging

We believe that strong communities result in strong, resilient providers and this starts at home-or at least at our work homes. We encourage and support the creation of community spaces in our stations that represent all employees. This is accomplished through artwork chosen by each station which features each member's name.  

We also encourage the creation of dedicated quiet spaces that allow individuals to decompress and relax while at work.


Ducks Making A Difference!

Doing What’s Needed

Ducks Making a Difference is our targeted fundraising campaign. Money raised through this program goes directly to the particular First Responder fund listed when the program is active.

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