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Episode 98 [2021]

This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.

Episode 98


Welcome to Advent of Computing, the show that talks about the shocking, intriguing, and all too often relevant history of computing. A lot of little things we take for granted today have rich stories behind their creation, in each episode we will learn how older tech has lead to our modern world.

'The Weapons Facility is the 98th episode of the Aerois Campaign. It was broadcast live on both the Yogscast Twitch channel and highrollersdnd Twitch channel on January 17th 2021 from 5PM to 8PM GMT.

NB: Emily and I say a lot of ableist things in this episode which we are directing only to ourselves. Not to each other, and not to you. We are having a frank discussion on internalized ableism and with it comes very candid thoughts that we sometimes think about ourselves. We would never say, or think these things about you, any of our listeners, or any other disabled person.

All right. Divine disruptions in digital space, kind of like this podcast. Am I right? Thanks for taking this walk with us. The Compass Podcast is brought to you by United Methodist Communications. If Compass is meaningful for you, then check out another episode. If you like this one, then How Gaming Inspires Spiritual Connection from September of 2021 might be up your alley as well, or Friendships in Community for Digital Natives from March of 2021 might be a good one too. While you're listening, leave a rating and/or review. Compass comes out every other Wednesday, unless we're interrupted by a holiday, in which case, we'll hit your feed the following week. But we'll be back online in two weeks time, in this case, talking about the myths we tend to believe of Christmas. Shout at you then. Peace.

Due to that Inspector Koichi Zenigata had different nicknames, this meant that the title was translated multiple times throughout. Before an official nickname was chosen, fans had translated this episode as The Day the Old Man Died due to that it was his nickname on the Toho/Frontier dub of The Mystery of Mamo. From 2003, Zenigata's official English nickname was Pops however it was unknown whether Geneon had translated or planning to translate the episode as they closed down. When it was uploaded onto streaming sites in 2015, Crunchyroll had used the name Daddio[1]. This may have came from TMS in the 1980s and was not corrected to Pops. Discotek decided to call the episode The Day When Pops Was Gone. Since Zazà and Papi were the nicknames of Zenigata in the Italian and Spanish dubs, this meant that the title also had them.

In this episode of the Huberman Lab Podcast, Andrew Huberman breaks down the science of happiness, including the different types of happiness and how our actions, circumstances, and mindset control them.

The Crisis Crew returns with a non-banked episode. To start things off, Ezra posits that the future of the music industry will be based upon clones of artists who will function legally as one individual (à la Star Trek's Borg). After discussion of Vampire Weekend's tour thus far and the covers which the band has been performing, conversation turns to various rock beefs through the years, including: Phish covering Ween's "Roses Are Free", The 1975's Matty Healy dissing Imagine Dragons, a theorized meeting between Steve Miller and Bob Weir, and Trent Reznor hating on Hootie & the Blowfish.

Twin Dresses (ふたごのドレス, Twin Dresses) is the 98th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 48th episode of its "2nd Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン), "2nd Season" lit. "Second Year"). The episode aired on September 4, 2014.

If you liked this story, please share it! You can find the audio and a transcript of each episode at You can also follow us on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite listening app, so you never miss an episode. 041b061a72


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