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Who Buys Jewelry In Denver

Denver has a few places to sell jewelry. I want to explain why I think SellMy.Jewelry is better. I narrowed the list down to three reasons. These are the ones I thought most important and would be of most interest to readers.

who buys jewelry in denver


I try to be upfront with people who sell to me. I am buying your jewelry to resell. Admittedly, the ladies in my family keep a few pieces my dad and I buy for their own collection, but I mostly buy to resell as is common. Most resellers, however, do to through other channels. They will sell to a wholesaler or auction house. Whenever that occurs, the price they can pay you goes down. One reason I can offer the most is I sell through my own retail outlet without a middleman. Visit Dolgins for retail jewelry and engagement rings in Kansas City.

Avoiding the middleman can help me pay you more. It also means I depend on you and need to buy jewelry in order to have stock to sell. For example, I need at least one 1.50 carat round brilliant diamond right now, so whomever comes in with one to sell will get a very high offer. Being the best place to sell jewelry in Denver means I offer the most. I ensure I can do that by reselling myself in our own retail outlet.

Honest and Professional jewelers. Selling your jewelry requires a degree of trust. There is the obvious need for trust in any transaction; you need to know the buyer is able and willing to pay. One way I try to build that trust by offering an instant quote; you can have a good idea of what I will pay before you arrive. Beyond that, you are sharing your valuables that often have some emotional attachment. Thus, selling in a safe and comfortable place is important as well. Lastly, you must trust that the gemologist is accurately appraising your jewelry.

Jewelry is largely about how it connects people. When you sell it, you should feel a settled in who buys it. I tried to offer that feeling when you visit my office. I want my clients to feel comfortable. They should have a clear understanding of who I am, what my values are, and why I want to buy their jewelry. You are not dealing with an employee who is collecting a paycheck rather an entrepreneur trying to make a livelihood.

Simon G is a popular jewelry retailer with lots of great options online for more traditional engagement rings. You can also get 10% off your first order with Simon G jewelry by using this link!

Sarah gained her passion from growing up and working alongside her mother who owned a jewelry store in New Mexico. As a second generation jewelry store owner, she has so much experience in this industry! This experience has resulted in great reviews from customers and also comes through in her very helpful blog.

Williams Jewelers is an experienced, full-service jeweler with repair, appraisal and custom-design services in Denver, Colorado. Don't trust your precious family heirlooms and special jewelry pieces to just anyone. Bring them to the jeweler Coloradans have trusted for over 40 years. Visit our Denver, CO location in Cherry Creek North for:

With over 40 years of experience, we have the resources, talent and passion to turn your vision into reality. Our customers have re-created lost heirlooms and designed pieces for important life events such as birthdays, anniversaries and family additions. Custom jewelry immediately becomes part of your family story! Visit us today at our Cherry Creek location to discuss your dreams.

You may have a few pieces of jewelry you no longer wear, and they're taking up space in your jewelry box. Instead of keeping pieces that offer you no sentimental value or joy, why not trade them in for money, or jewelry you would enjoy?

Please let us know if you are considering the sale of one piece of your fine jewelry, a timepiece, or your entire collection. We are constantly in need of quality pieces for our clientele. No deal is too large or too small. If you wish to trade in a piece of jewelry or a timepiece in exchange for another, we would be happy to assist!

When the time has come to sell or trade a piece from your collection, choose the estate jewelry buyers Colorado has trusted for over 47 years. Come see us today at one of our two Denver area locations in Englewood and Cherry Creek North!

  • Williams Jewelers Service Department is here to ensure that your jewelry is safe, secure and in top condition. Our master jewelers along with their state-of-the-art equipment can accommodate many requests from a simple repair to an entirely new custom design. Jewelry services are done in-house and on-premises.We offer:Jewelry repair (Including but not limited to: Cleaning, Refinishing, Resizing, Stone Tightening/Replacement, Stone Matching, Prong Repair, Laser Welding, Personalization etc.)

  • Pearl Restringing

  • Custom design

**Williams Jewelers recommends having your jewelry cleaned and inspected at least every six months. We will be happy to do this for you at no charge (excludes timepieces).

When you need to know the true value of your exquisite timepiece, family heirloom or fine piece of jewelry, you can trust our jewelry appraisal experts. For over 47 years, Colorado has turned to us for insurance, estate and fair market appraisals. Williams Jewelers has Graduate Gemologists on staff full-time. As a courtesy for our clientele, any item purchased at Williams Jewelers will include an appraisal upon request.

Rene Escobar is a proud third-generation jeweler. His company, Rene Escobar Jewelry, is based in South Florida. Rene is committed to authenticity, originality, and the endurance to the beautiful art of hand-made jewelry.

As a private jeweler Rene has always drawn inspiration from keenly observing his clientele, in 2008 motivated by these clients, he created a collection of 18K gold, diamonds and colorful gemstone earrings, that he exhibited for the first time at The Jewelers of America Summer Show in New York City, the collection was a success, since then his collections have been attracting art galleries and select jewelry stores.

Kate Maller Jewelry features collections of fine rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that celebrate the imperfections found in nature. The organic forms and rich textures of our natural surroundings inspire handmade + unique jewelry that elevates your sense of style, speaks to your desire for authenticity, and captures your heart.

I discovered Kate's beautiful pieces by chance in a Colorado jewelry store. They caught my eye immediately because of the way she combines oxidized silver with gold dust to create handcrafted items of unique and interesting design. The added bonus is her commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. I currently own several of Kate's rings and bracelets and look forward to purchasing more from her collections.

Kate worked with my husband to update and upgrade my wedding bands while expertly including stones from some heirloom jewelry into two custom rings. I never really received any comments, let alone compliments on my rings but now I have strangers asking me about these unique and beautiful pieces. They are a reflection of me, my marriage, and how we have evolved together over the last decade. I can't wait to add to my Kate Maller collection in the future!

I love most how absolutely wearable the pieces are - even though a piece might look heavy I find it surprisingly light...the inside of the rings are also incredibly soft on the skin. My KMJ pieces are definitely my favorites in my jewelry collection.

Holding master's degrees in architecture, and landscape architecture, Kate attributes her design sensibilities, and passion for the environment to her formal education. Her sustainable fine jewelry is edgy yet refined.

Kate hand fabricates each piece in her studio located in sunny Denver, Colorado. Her collection of unique jewelry is sold at galleries and shops across the US, and she also creates custom bespoke wedding jewelry.

Since 1990, American Rarities has purchased over $100 million in rare coins. This Boulder-based company has offices across the country to purchase rare coins and bullion. They offer free appraisals and consultations, and are an NGC and PCGS authorized dealer and member of the American Numismatic Association. American Rarities deals in all forms of U.S. and world coins and paper currency. They trade in high volumes of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Saint Gaudens gold coins, key date U.S. coins, American Eagle coins, pre-1965 U.S. silver coinage, bullion in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and much more. They also purchase gold jewelry, silver flatware, dental gold, and other forms of precious metal. American Rarities offers want list fulfillment services and regularly attends all major U.S. coin shows.

A World of Coins provides the Denver metropolitan area with a full range of gold and silver coins and numismatic collectibles. They buy or sell coins and jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Because they are actively buying from individuals, the selection available here is constantly changing. A World of Coins caters to new and experienced collectors alike, along with precious metal investors.

Denver Jewelers is different. Our business actually designs and manufactures, creating fine jewelry from start to finish. Our team knows fine jewelry; we know how to design it, so it is durable for the next 30 years; we know how to create physical engagement rings, diamond rings, and fine jewelry, how to set diamonds and gemstones, and how to finish the fine jewelry as well.

Some Jewelry businesses say they are your friends in the business. Our business, we consider you family, and hopefully, based upon our service provided, you will proudly share your experience with all of your friends and family. Fine jewelry is personal, and creating lifelong memories with those you choose to trust is even more personal. We hope our service is exceptional and of value to your daily life.

We can design and create for your custom fine jewelry, custom engagement rings, custom diamond earrings, family heirlooms, custom wedding rings, and more. We also provide our clients gold chains, loose diamonds, full-service fine jewelry repairs, and more. 041b061a72

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