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there is a short scene in the first episode that shows that the villagers are very religious, and prayers are said regularly. one of the villagers also comments that the villagers make a lot of sacrifices for the village. this is not surprising as the village of al hayba in baalbek is situated in the middle of a valley with a spring. the village is therefore surrounded by pine trees and olive trees. the village is also close to the high al jowla mountains, and according to the guide, and the locals, the village is close to the edge of a cliff. other tourist sites in the area include the roman city of doma and the roman theater in baalbek.

Al Hayba The Comeback Download

this series is produced by the lebanese production company cedars art production. cedars was a well-known production company in lebanon with a wide variety of arabic television series. cedars art production is a family-owned company that started in 1975, and has produced many popular lebanese television series such as the popular drama series khatir. (the khatir series became famous for its use of a controversial slur against christians, which was later removed from the final episodes.) cedars art production also produced the popular drama series al hayba. the al hayba series is about a village in baalbek lebanon, and is known for its many dramatic plot twists, political references, and twisted characters.

this series is about the village of al hayba in baalbek lebanon. baalbek is in eastern lebanon near the lebanese-syrian border. it was once an ancient city, but was destroyed by an earthquake in ad 226. however, the city was reconstructed, and continued to be an important site in the roman empire. the city now features important churches such as the church of the nativity, and the church of saint john the baptist.

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