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DJ Clue - Backstage (1999).rar

OK...first I must say my thanks to Sofia for 'Heard It On The Radio- Volume 4'.Amazing tunes...just discovered the band: Planet P Project and wanted to express my thanks...New England,Clocks,Glass Moon...whole album shook my dirty butt...lolOh...and Kelly Groucutt ... first time I hear this name..sounds great.I will look in the archives in case I find the other volumes...hope I can find 'em..Got some stuff for ya...:Speaking of Greece bands I think all of you must have these:Magna Carta - Magna Carta (1990)/192 _Carta__www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rarRaw Silk - Silk Under The Skin (1990)/192 _Silk_-_Silk_Under_The_Skin.rarNok Out - Nok Out (1990)/256 _Out__1990_.rarThese bands never got what they deserved...and:Prisoner (Sweden) - II (2001)/192 __www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rarHard Rain - When The Good Times Come (1999)/320 _Times_Come___www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rarHard Rain - Hard Rain (1997)/320 _Rain__www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rar Bulletboys - Greatest Hits (2010)/vbr _Greatest_Hits__www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rarB.E. Taylor Group - Innermission (1982)/320 __www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rarB.E. Taylor Group - Life Goes On (1984)/Innermission (1982)/320 -Innermission__www.hard-n-heavy.forumn.net_.rar B.E. Taylor Group - Love Won The Fight (1983)/320 :// Taylor Group - Our World (1986)/320 :// OF THE LINE...

DJ Clue - Backstage (1999).rar

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