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At the Battle of Pulo Aura, which was probably the company's most notable naval victory, Nathaniel Dance, Commodore of a convoy of Indiamen and sailing aboard the Warley, led several Indiamen in a skirmish with a French squadron, driving them off. Some six years earlier, on 28 January 1797, five Indiamen, Woodford, under Captain Charles Lennox, Taunton-Castle, Captain Edward Studd, Canton, Captain Abel Vyvyan, Boddam, Captain George Palmer, and Ocean, Captain John Christian Lochner, had encountered Admiral de Sercey and his squadron of frigates. On this occasion the Indiamen succeeded in bluffing their way to safety, and without any shots even being fired. Lastly, on 15 June 1795, General Goddard played a large role in the capture of seven Dutch East Indiamen off St Helena.

IMG 1797 heic

1) When you do that, a new file gets created in parallel to the .heic file: a .xmp file containing XML data. In normal (standard) HEIC format, this XML data is contained in the HEIC file proper. Photoshop appears to maintain it as a sidecar, I have no idea why. I suspect this may be problem when exchanging HEIC files with other programs (it certainly isn't compatible with iOS's or macOS's native file handling).

In October 1797, Dutch admiral De Winter commanded a powerful battle fleet of 15 ships of the line. His plan was twofold. Conduct a sweep of the North Sea and attempt to destroy any small British forces in the area. Then, if at all practicable, he was to proceed into the Channel and link up with a French fleet at Brest in preparation for an invasion of Ireland.

Tour the House on Ellicott Hill where Andrew Ellicott, under the direction of President George Washington, and in defiance of Spanish authorities, raised the American flag on the hill in 1797. The house is a National historic Landmark and one of the first buildings in Mississippi to feature the Federal style of architecture. 041b061a72

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