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Grids For Instagram 8.2.4 WORK

9. Except as indicated in IEEE Policies, Section 6.4 (Multiple Publication of Original Technical Material in IEEE Periodicals) and Section 8.1.7 of this Manual, authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another publication. If authors have used their own previously published work(s) as a basis for a new submission, they are required to cite the previous work(s) and very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantive novel contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s). Section 8.2.4.G provides guidelines for handling instances of inappropriate multiple submission and prior publication.

Grids for Instagram 8.2.4

8.2.4. Delivering network infrastructure at the pace required, will require agile regulation working in coordination with well evidenced policy drivers and efficient consenting and planning processes. The Scottish Government is working closely with Scottish Transmission Owners and National Grid ESO through our Major Electricity Projects Group (MEPG) to identify and address barriers to delivery of the transmission infrastructure required to support our transition to net-zero. 041b061a72


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